Champion L82CT10 - Passende Zündkerzen

Möglichen ersatz-zündkerzen für Champion L82CT10:

Brand Model
AC Delco 42
AC Delco 420Z
AC Delco 422Z
AC Delco 425F
AC Delco 425Z
AC Delco 42F
AC Delco 42FF
AC Delco 42LZ
AC Delco 430Z
AC Delco 43F
AC Delco 43FO
AC Delco 44F
AC Delco 4502
AC Delco 45F
AC Delco 56
AC Delco F8
AC Delco M42FF
AC Delco N701
AC Delco R44CF
AC Delco S40F
AC Delco S42F
AC Delco S42FR
AC Delco S44F
Agria 031150
Agria 031160
Agria 1137516801
Agria 283340
Agria 42643
Agria 51680
AUTOUNION 0111800068000
Beru 00014357050001
Beru 145AU
Beru 147AU
Beru 14XAU
Beru A7
Beru M14175
Beru Z40
Beru Z57
Beru Z85
Bosch 0241219543
Bosch 0241219891
Bosch 0241225544
Bosch 0241225549
Bosch 0241235001
Bosch 0241235515
Bosch 0241235601
Bosch 0241235607
Bosch 0241240603
Bosch 0241245580
Bosch 0241245602
Bosch W10A
Bosch W10AC
Bosch W125T1
Bosch W125T4
Bosch W175T1
Bosch W190M11S
Bosch W225P11S
Bosch W225T1
Bosch W260T1
Bosch W4AC
Bosch W5AC
Bosch W6AC
Bosch W6AS
Bosch W6BP
Bosch W7AC
Bosch W95T1
Bosch W9AC
Bosch W9ACO
Champion 15901004120
Champion F75S
Champion F80S
Champion L10S
Champion L11S
Champion L4J
Champion L5
Champion L5J
Champion L6G
Champion L7
Champion L7J
Champion L81
Champion L82
Champion L82C053
Champion L82C110
Champion L82CR02
Champion L85
Champion L9G
Citroen 5416222D
Citroen 95605398
Citroen 95619038
Citroen AM212207A
Citroen DX2127B
Citroen ZB9000065U
DAF 225190
Denso W14FU
Denso W20FSU
Denso W22FSU
Denso W24FSZU
Denso W24FU
Ducellier Valeo 599257
Ducellier Valeo 599311
Ducellier Valeo 599316
Eyquem 200
Eyquem 700
Eyquem 750
Eyquem 755
Eyquem 755X
Eyquem 850
Eyquem C42
Eyquem C62
Febi Bilstein 13603
Fiat 1S3
Fiat 4113022
Fiat 4401586
GLAS 414
GLAS 415
GLAS 416
HANOMAG 151123014
HERCULES 0298087006
HERCULES 0998004001
Hitachi M44
Hitachi M44W
Hitachi M45
Hitachi M45PW
Hitachi M46
KHD 3459769
KHD 3503132
KHD 41911680
KREIDLER 2150203
Kubota 1345167716
Kubota 1358167716
Kubota 1358267711
Magneti Marelli CW55N
Magneti Marelli CW5N
Magneti Marelli CW6N
Magneti Marelli FC7N
Marchal Valeo 34S
Marchal Valeo 35B
Marchal Valeo 36B
Marchal Valeo 37S
Marchal Valeo 4N
Marchal Valeo 6N
Mercedes 0001591203
Mercedes 0001597903
Mercedes 0011592903
Mercedes 0011596003
Mercedes 0031596203
Motorcraft AE2
Motorcraft AE2X
Motorcraft AE3
Motorcraft AE3X
Motorcraft AE3XF
Motorcraft AE4
Motorcraft AE52
Motorcraft AE6
Motorcraft AE62
Motorcraft AE82
Motorcraft AV2X
NGK 203
NGK 204
NGK 2129
NGK 2417
NGK 2421
NGK 2792
NGK 4510
NGK 5110
NGK 6921
NSU 111700068
Opel 1214020
Opel 1214046
PAL (Brisk) N14
PAL (Brisk) N14C
PAL (Brisk) N15
PAL (Brisk) N15C
PAL (Brisk) N17
PAL (Brisk) N17C
PAL (Brisk) N7
PAL (Brisk) N8
Peugeot 1105693600
Peugeot 596108
Peugeot 596109
Peugeot 596258
Peugeot 596267
Peugeot 596296
Peugeot SUPER147
Piaggio P82M
Porsche 99902080210
Porsche 99917002390
Prestolite 1400
Prestolite 14E4
Renault 0851798700
Renault 0854407100
Renault 0854864700
Renault 7700619329
Renault 7700647269
Renault 7700647275
Renault 7700647280
Renault 7700647284
Renault 7700659262
Renault 7701392263
Renault 7701414037
ROTAX 297310
ROTAX 999370
SAAB 23412600
SACHS 0298087002
SACHS 0298087003
SACHS 0298087006
SACHS 0965155000
SACHS 0998004000
SACHS 0998004001
SACHS 80480305
SOLO 2300101
SOLO 2300106
SOLO 2300441
Steyr 9020724
Steyr 9020726
STIHL 11074007000
Unipart GSP2050
Unipart GSP4256
Unipart GSP560
Valeo 4N
Volvo 000057015
Volvo 239446
Volvo 3104124
Volvo 570306
Volvo 7072153
Volvo 72153
VW Group 000057001
VW Group 000057001A
VW Group 000057003
VW Group 000057004
VW Group 000057015
VW Group N0178011
VW Group N01780111
VW Group N01780113
VW Group N0178012
VW Group N0178017
VW Group N0178018
VW Group N0178021
VW Group N01780213
VW Group N0178039
VW Group Z057003
VW Group Z057060
VW Group Z057064
ZUENDAPP 24707106
ZUENDAPP 25007604
ZUENDAPP 26507101

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The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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