NGK 1010 - Passende Zündkerzen

Technische Daten für NGK 1010:

  • Threaddiameter: 18.0 mm
  • Threadreach: 12 mm
  • Hexsize: 25.4 mm

Möglichen ersatz-zündkerzen für NGK 1010:

Brand Model
ACDelco C83
ACDelco C85
ACDelco C86
ACDelco C87
ACDelco M86
ACDelco S85F
ACDelco TC85
ACDelco TC86
Autolite 386
Beru 0001820700
Beru 14518
Beru 17518
Beru 18-7AU
Beru 1810A
Beru 1810AU
Beru 187A
Beru 188A
Beru 9518
Beru Z88
Bosch 0241319512
Bosch 0241319513
Bosch 0241329525
Bosch 0241329526
Bosch M10A
Bosch M10A0
Bosch M10AC
Bosch M10AC0
Bosch M10ACO
Bosch M10AO
Bosch M145T1
Bosch M145T5
Bosch M175T1
Bosch M175T5
Bosch M45T1
Bosch M7A
Bosch M8A
Bosch M8A0
Bosch M8AC
Bosch M8AC0
Bosch M95T1
Bosch M95T5
Bosch MBAO
Champion D10
Champion D14
Champion D14013
Champion D16
Champion D16J
Champion D16J013
Champion D16T10
Champion D21
Champion D21013
Champion D23
Champion D23014
Champion D9
Champion D9013
Champion D9J
Champion K13
Champion K15J
Champion RD14
Champion RD16
Champion RD16J
Champion RD9
Champion UD16
Champion UD16013
Champion UK10
Daihatsu 991133923610
Daihatsu 9911339236200
Denso L14U
Denso M17
Denso MW17
Eyquem K200M
Eyquem K300M
Eyquem K500M
Eyquem K600M
Hitachi 85S
Hitachi 85W
Iskra M60
Kubota 1020267716
LEXUS 9009817015
LEXUS 9009817025
Magneti Marelli CM3N
Magneti Marelli CM4N
Magneti Marelli CM5N
Motorcraft B6
Motorcraft B6W
Motorcraft B8
Motorcraft B8X
Motorcraft B9
Motorcraft BR8
Motorcraft BT10
Motorcraft BT6
Motorcraft BT8
Motorcraft BT9
Motorcraft BTS8F4
Motorcraft BZ8
PAL (Brisk) 185
PAL (Brisk) 185R
Prestolite 1810
Prestolite 183
Prestolite 184
Prestolite 188
Prestolite 189
Toyota 9009817015
Toyota 9009817025
Valeo 20C
Valeo 20E
Valeo 20L
Valeo 21C
Valeo 21E
Valeo 21L
Wolf 1015306
Wolf 1022304

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The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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